PC Games:

Learn about upcoming hardware, how to make different levels of gaming PC's, upgrades, and system requirements!

Here are some of the Hottest and Most Anticipated Titles coming out this year and next!

StarCraft 2: Wings of LibertyElemental: War of MagicAion: Assault on BalaureaArcania: Gothic 4

Front Mission: EvolvedDarksidersCivilization 5Test Drive Unl 2

Final Fantasy 14F3ARTwo WorldsFallout: New Vegas

Max Payne 3True Crime 3DC Universe OnlineGuild Wars 2

CoD: Black OpsNFS: Hot Pursuit 2Driver: San FranciscoSpec Ops: The Line


Crysis 2RageDead Space 2Brink

DarksporeHomefrontBulletstormDeus Ex: Human Revolution

Red Faction: ArmageddonGhost Recon: Future SoldierPortal 2Aliens: Colonial Marines

Dragon Age 2Hunted: Demon's ForgeWoW: CataclysmDiablo 3

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