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Myths about sony's playstation 3 and other useful facts . . .

Much to everyones dismay is the simple fact that the playstation 3 is outdated tech. Let's look at the evidence.

1. Single Core Cell Processor - cell broadband is a single core cpu with very little cache and poor system architecture. The cell is so bad that Steve Jobs of Apple laughed at the silly notion that the sony team wanted Apple to use the cell processor. If the cell was great, why aren't there more electronics using the cell instead of only the ps3 and select few ibm machines, which created the cell?

2. 256 MB of System RAM - I don't care how fast this XDR ram is suppose to be, 256 won't get you far these days. Couple that with no one uses XDR and this is a sure bet that this ram will go the way of Rambus.

3. RSX (Reality Synthesiser) - an outdated 7800 gtx with only 256 mb of VRAM. Does not support Unified Shaders, only supports DX9. Now the GTX480 is available on the market. Even when the ps3 came out, nVidia launched the 8800 series which is way more powerful than the rsx.

4. Limited Memory Bandwith - it doesn't matter how powerful any component is, it won't do you much good if it has limited bandwith to transfer data.

5.Bluray - now this might be a plus to some but I see this as a con. The slow read of the bluray drive forces installs and hard drives. Now sony never did you a favor adding in a mandatory hdd, they had to because games would be unplayable.

In conclusion, those are the top reasons why I despise the ps3. If it wasn't that sony wanted to force bluray down our throats, we wouldn't have had a format war and progress would have been made instead of sony still trying to hold on to the past and not letting disc drives rest in peace, like every other piece of outdated tech. So I have this to say to sony, "Thanks but no thanks!"

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